1. What is Sacred Rhythms?

Sacred Rhythms is a daily guide to prayer and spiritual practice that help us shape and form our lives in the way of Jesus. It is an invitation for every follower to engage each day with God using ancient prayers and practices that keep our hearts and minds attentive to the Holy Spirit and unites the whole Redeemer church family in a common rhythm of worship.

It takes the simple form of one email in your inbox every morning at 6am ready for when you wake. That's it. 

2. Why are we doing this?

Sacred Rhythms is primarily a resource for our community at Redeemer Central. We use it to help foster lives of prayer and worship as individuals and as a church community.  We believe that, over time, building these rhythms into our lives everyday will produce a richness and depth to our intimacy with God. There is also something special about us as a community journeying together in the same spiritual rhythms that we believe will contribute to unity and a sense of connection to one another in Christ. 

We also hope that individuals and those who are part of other church communities will find Sacred Rhythms beneficial too.

3. Is it for everyone?

The purpose of Sacred Rhythms is to help us develop intimacy with God. People connect with God in different ways. Sacred Rhythms is not meant to be an empty ritual but a gateway to a rich life of worship. We realise Sacred Rhythms may not be for everyone but if you don't regularly connect with God we hope it will be a great starting point.

4. What if I miss a day?

All of us are likely to miss a day, have a lackluster experience, or question whether or not this is “working.” The goal is not perfection. If you miss a day, start fresh the next morning. If you aren’t “feeling” what you think you should, talk it over with friends. We can’t only experience transformation by our emotions. Learning to follow Jesus is a lifelong process and the end goal is not success or to complete each day, but Jesus himself 

5. What if I do not know if I believe in God or if I am not a Christian?

Anyone, regardless of their faith background and their current relationship with God, is invited into this shared journey with our community. Our hope is that you will find yourself more deeply immersed in the spiritual shared rhythms and a bit nearer to God as you seek Him. If you discover through these practices a deeper longing to know God, contact your City:Group leader (if you have one), email hello@redeemercentral.com to arrange to meet with a leader or speak directly with a leader at one of our gatherings on a Sunday.

6. How did Sacred Rhythms come to be?

Sacred Rhythms has been inspired by many conversations, books, articles and personal experiences. The Northumbria Community and their Celtic Daily Prayer book has been a fantastic inspiration for discovering celtic spirituality, daily prayers and liturgical forms of worship. The delivery of Sacred Rhythms was heavily influenced by 40 Days Of Transformation - a similar resource produced by Trinity Grace Church, New York. The Benedictine Monks in Rostrevor, Northern Ireland have also been inspirational and their monestary has been a great centre of retreat for some of us in Redeemer Central.