Sacred Rhythms is simple... a daily email in your inbox with morning prayers, readings and a spiritual practice for the day.


Firstly in your email you will receive morning prayers to help you connect with God and guide you to praying for others. The prayers we are using are celtic prayers with a rich heritage that have been part of christian worship for many years. In fact, the prayer book we are using — Celtic Daily Prayer — is used all around the world each day to guide the prayer life of thousands of Christians. The prayers run on a yearly cycle with a prayer for each day. The liturgical rhythm of the prayers help cultivate a connectedness to the seasons and the christian calendar marking events such as advent, lent, easter, pentecost and saints days.


Accompanying the prayers everyday will be a Psalm to read, and occasionally some portions of scripture from the Old and New Testaments and a daily mediation. We believe that Scripture is the story of God — the story of His creating, redeeming and bringing resurrection and renewal — and our life with God means we are now part of His Story and participating in it. Engaging with scripture places us in that Story, provides sustainance and guidance and shapes us in the way of Christ. 


And finally, alongside the prayers and readings you will find a spiritual practice for that day. The practices vary each day ranging from contemplative practices like reading scripture or meditation to more practical practices such as sharing a meal with neighbours or blessing someone with an act of kindness. Remember: just one simple practice for each day that encourages the habit, making it easy to integrate into our often busy lives. The practices will run on a monthly cycle helping to establish deep rhythms of intimacy and action.

That's all you need to get going.

for a more in depth looK read on below... 

The Case for Spiritual Practices


The life of a disciple is to become more like Christ and to live life in continual communion with God. To enable this deep rooted life in God spiritual practices have been used for thousands of years by Christians from a variety of streams within the Church.  We all live using habits that shape our thoughts and our actions everyday. The practice of spiritual habits helps keep our hearts and minds tuned to Gods ways of working in the world. These practices encourage both intimacy with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They shape who we are, which informs our praxis as we live out our faith. Spiritual Practices do not separate off our spirituality but attempt to do the very opposite: to see all of life as sacred and spiritually rich with possibilities.



Shaping Pillars

We were keen to integrate spiritual practices into the life of our community at Redeemer Central in a way that relates to who we are as a church. To do this we have assigned to each day of the week one of our churches cultural pillars, and a related spiritual practice. This monthly cycle of practices has a breadth and variety that reflects who we are and helps us grow as disciples of Jesus in all areas of spiritual life. These spiritual practices cultivate both intimacy and action in our christian faith.  












God is near, God is here


The dwelling place of God is the people of God and he moves amongst us. He is not far... but close. He is not distant... but near. And when we wait on him he draws close.

Spiritual Practices to aid us in experiencing the presence of God include: Meditation, Fasting, Eucharist, Lectio Divina, Gathered Worship


Created to change


We were not made to stay the same... but to change, transform and resurrect. The death and resurrection of Jesus makes all of this possible. As well as personal renewal, God is also bringing renewal to society, systems, cultures and peoples. He invites us to be catalysts for change through the power of his Spirit alive in us.

Spiritual Practices to aid us in change and renewal include Daily Examen, Silence and Solitude, Confession, Scripture Reading, Meditation, Acts of Protest and Justice



Everything we own is not ours


Grace. The generous grace of Christ's love for us leaves us compelled to share that love with others; to bless, to serve and to give. To welcome the poor, the marginalised and the forgotten. To see his Kingdom come on Earth.

Spiritual Practices to aid us with generosity: Sacrifice of Time/Finance, Practice of Simplicity, Acts of Kindness, Blessing and Serving.




We were not made to walk the road alone but given an invitation to belong. Christ came to establish community at the heart of his empire subverting story and we then get to be family: sharing meals, meeting each others needs and loving one another. 

Spiritual Practices to help us cultivate Family include: Hospitality and meal sharing, Eucharist, Gathered Worship, Community Gatherings, Practice of Gratitide, Practice of Encouragement.


Participation in something new 


The Story of God as creator and redeemer gives us — made in his image (Imago Dei) — the mandate to create, cultivate and participate.

Spiritual Practices to aid us in stewarding our Creative mandate include: Personal Reflection, Meditation on Art, Gathered Worship, Creation and Expression.



Joyful Disposition


The inhabiting of the here and now. Being present. Finding true joy in Christ as our sustaining strength. The divine permission to enjoy our God, our world and one another.


Spiritual Practices to aid us in developing joy and enjoying life: Practice of Gratitude, Meal Sharing, Celebration, Experiencing Creation.



Resting and Being


Sabbath is not simply a day but an echo of the world to come. Pausing, stopping, breathing. Suspending the doing and just being. Experiencing rest and renewal, remembering the subversive idea that we are not in fact the sum of our productivity and trusting God holds everything in place. 

Spiritual Practices to help us experience the blessing of Sabbath: Attentiveness, Rest, Silence and Solitude, Practice of Gratitude, Experiencing Creation.



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